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"We strive to create the most innovative and high quality hair dyes"

Customers First Always - Let us colour your life

About Us

Antique Century is a company based in Singapore, manufacturing and supplying quality hair dye products to suppliers, retailers and consumers all over the world. It is established with the aim of manufacturing quality hair dye products to attain the highest level of our customers’ satisfaction and  hence, gaining recognition of our products from countries all over the world.

In addition, we also established an extensive database of network in several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and China.

To manufacture and supply highest quality of hair dye products in order to gain recognition from our customers and foster a long-term relationship with them.

ANTIQUE CENTURY PTELTD是以新加坡为基地的一家集研发·设计·生产·销售于一体的高科技化妆品企业,是化妆品行业的领头羊,荣获国内外专利证书。自公司成立以来,已经研发出一批深受顾客欢迎的产品,产品销往世界多个国家。

依靠科技求发展,不断为用户提供安全,满意的高科技产品是我们ATIQUE CENTURY PTELTD 公司始终不变的追求,公司在发展过程中,不断与国内外多个科研机构交流探讨,规模不断扩大,已取得骄人的成绩。

ANTIQUE CENTURY PTELTD公司不断开拓创新,以技术为核心,视质量为生命,奉用户为上帝。竭诚为您提供安全可靠品质有保证的产品。



Become a distributor

Antique Century aims to establish an extensive network with retailers and consumers.

In growing our business, our focus as a manufacturer and brand owner is to constantly improve our products, explore new opportunities in research and development and streamlining of our manufacturing processes to improve cost efficiency.

We are on the lookout for quality partners to market our innovative hair dyes products worldwide.

Hair Dyes Colour Chart

The hair colour chart is a useful tool to anyone who is looking to rebrand themselves by having a new hair colour style or improve their hair colour.  It consists of many strands of coloured hairs which help people in  determine which shades to select in a easier way. If you are sick and tired of your natural black hair in your entire life, hair colour chart is necessary in finding which best shades are the most suitable for you.

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