The hair colour chart is a useful tool to anyone who is looking to rebrand themselves by having a new hair colour style or improve their hair colour.  It consists of many strands of coloured hairs which help people in  determine which shades to select in a easier way. If you are sick and tired of your natural black hair in your entire life, hair colour chart is necessary in finding which best shades are the most suitable for you.


Antique Century offers six different types of hair colours: natural black, coffee, grapes red, chestnut and violet dark brown. All the colours displayed on the colour chart uniquely stand out in the hair colour chart and hence, is an excellent method to find ideas on hair colours or best suited colours. These colours can be combined slightly with a cooler tones to create a different image. Hence, the selection of hair colour mainly depends on individual’s preference.

Most importantly, our hair dye products can be used multiple times due to the way we design the mechanism of the product. Most of the consumers threw their product after using once due to the inconvenient storage of the hair dye products. Consumers who bought our products could keep for future usage. In addition, our hair grows as the time goes by, the natural black colour of our hair will be seen after a period of time. Therefore, our consumers could use the remaining hair dye to dye back the black hair into the choice of their hair colour. We think from our customers’ perspective and hence, using a long period of time, we evaluated and developed this product in such a way that it is user-friendly and cost-saving.