Mersilk_Chestnut_brown_colour_1 Available colour: Chestnut Brown

Mersilk is the latest brand that we developed. Chestnut brown colour is one of the most popular type of hair dye colours. Most importantly, this product is easy to use and can be reused plenty of times.

Mersilk_Chestnut_brown_colour_instructions_1 Instructions on using the product:

Step 1:Push up two bottoms on the comb nozzle, attach it to Merlion Container. Hold it up right, shake well before use. Press gently on the Left and Right button once separately with your index finger. Two equal amount of foam mixture will appear on the comb nozzle.

Step 2: Apply it to your clean and dry hair by combing from your hair roots to the ends repeatedly, until your hair has been totally wet. Replenish the foam mixture with the same process – when it is insufficient or to continue with others portion in need.

Step 3: Leave it for an adequate interval before shampooing. Adjust the timing according to the original lightness of your hair and desired final colour.For black colour, wait for 20-45 minutes.For all other colours, wait for 60-90 minutes.