IMG_5610Assembled ProductIMG_5612

Instructions on attachmentIMG_5702Dissembled Product:

Left: Hair dye Container

Right: Comb Nozzle




Steps for Connecting Comb Nozzle to Hair dye Container:

1) Hair dye container contain: 1 aluminium tube (Tube A) and 1 plastic tube (Tube B)

2) CombNozzle – Push Up Buttons: Push up two buttons on the comb nozzle. All the way up

3) Comb nozzle and the picture of the hair dye container must be facing the same direction. Connect comb nozzle to the hair dye container.

4) Shake well before use by holding the hair dye container with the comb nozzle upright. Press gently on the (Black) button first and follow by (Green) button once separately with your index finger. Two equal amount of foam mixture will appear on the comb nozzle. Apply it to your clean and dry hair by coming from the hair roots to the ends repeatedly, until your hair has been totally wet. Replenish the foam mixture with the same process when it is insufficient or to continue with others portion in need.

*(Do not press both buttons together, because the foam mixture may not come out with the same proportion. This may cause poor result.)

Waiting Time

For black colour hair, wait for 20-45 minutes.

For all other colours, wait for 60-90 minutes.

How to Wash

After finish colouring, hold the container with comb nozzle pointing downwards, washing comb nozzle with tape water until clean.

Dry the nozzle with tissue or cloth, place the container up right (out of direct sunlight) for next time when you need to use.